My Brush With The Mossad

While teaching in a remote technical college in the deserts of Oman, this writer (who wishes to remain anonymous) has a baffling encounter with a mysterious couple who has all the hallmarks of being Israeli spies

The following is a true account of an encounter with what I believe were Mossad agents when I worked in The Sultanate of Oman. Until now, I’ve never shared this story with anyone — mainly because I couldn’t really believe it myself — but in hindsight I’m convinced I was briefly entangled in the murky world of espionage.

Okay, I had just finished reading Spies Against Armageddon and The Sultanate had recently wrapped up its version of the Arab Spring. Perhaps both these factors contributed to some slight paranoia on my part? Maybe. All I can do here is to truthfully write about my experience and let you judge for yourselves.

I’d been living in The Sultanate for about four years before this encounter with the two possible Mossad agents. I’d experienced a lovely and relatively stress-free life all while earning a handsome wage in a remote part of the country.

If I recall correctly, it was about April or May of 2012. I was at my desk attending to some morning duties and preparing for a class. There was a slight knock at the door and in walked a couple. Oddly, it immediately struck me that they were about the same height and build and shared similar characteristics. They put my in mind of a couple who have shared every waking moment of their lives for a few years.

I didn’t really pay much attention to their dress until after they left my office. They entered with a smile and asked for me by name. I said yes, hello, what can I do for you?

“I’m really sorry,” I said, “but what’s your name again? I’m completely certain the name he’d given previously wasn’t the same. His partner then jumped in to give the name he’d initially given, as it was obvious he was flustered.

They explained that they saw my name and details on the college’s website and decided to stop by on their way from Dubai. They had apparently made the trip from The Emirates on their way to the capital of The Sultanate before flying home to Europe. They wanted to introduce themselves in the hope of securing teaching positions for the next school term in September, they said.

There was some casual conversation about their teaching experience, where they were from and one key bit of information, which would later support my suspicions, their names. A few minutes after initial introductions, I had to ask the man to repeat his name. “I’m really sorry,” I said, “but what’s your name again? I’m completely certain that the name he’d given previously wasn’t the same. His partner then jumped in to give the name he’d initially given, as it was obvious he was flustered.

I must say, during the conversation, the look on their faces as they sat across from me was somewhat unsettling. I can remember telling myself that something just wasn’t right with this visit.

It was very unusual to have unannounced visitors to the college, as it was in the middle of the desert. Anyone wishing to visit always arranged a meeting through proper channels to ensure the person they wished to meet would be available, so the three-hour journey would not be a waste of time.

Being that I was in a culture that prides itself on its tradition of hospitality, I decided that I too should try to adopt this warm type of welcoming and make my unannounced guests feel comfortable.

After about five minutes of explaining our program and my role at the college, they suddenly said that they must get going, and bade me farewell. I offered to give them a tour of the college but they insisted on leaving in a hurry.

Before long, the two left my office, and the college. I spotted them both as they walked out towards the parking lot. They walked in the direction of the local hotel and soon disappeared from view.

I sat down and replayed that encounter in my head and just couldn’t make sense of it. It freaked me out and reminded me of some details from the book that I’d just finished Spies Against Armageddon.

How Mossad is against any entity, person, group, etc, who support their perceived enemies in any way whatsoever.

It still didn’t make sense though, because I was merely there to teach English to students at a technical college of engineering. Hmm. Could it be that there was a fear that these students one day would gain the knowledge to build explosives and cause harm to Israel? Was I contributing in some way to that possibility? Surely not.

The Sultanate, throughout recent history, has had peaceful relations with Israel — or at least peaceful in the sense that neither bothered to build relations with the other. The Oman is known throughout the region for being the most peaceful and welcoming of all the Arab nations.

After a few days, I swept the whole situation under the rug and tried to forget about it. Every now and then, I recall that strange meeting and ask myself was it really so. Did I really meet two agents of Israel’s Mossad and, if so, what was their intention?