Exploring the China-DPRK Borderlands

A border between allies never looked so grim

As a guide with Young Pioneer Tours, I always get excited when I’m asked to go on a risky research trip. We know what we came to see but are we allowed to see it and how far can we push the envelope? On our recent research trip to the borderlands between China and North Korea, not only did we find what we came for but we also discovered areas that we probably were never meant to see and before arriving never had any idea existed in the first place. Running a research trip allows us to fine tune our tours to our customers’ needs, but they also help to satiate our curiosities and desire for adventure.

This particular research trip was unique, as to be expected when skirting one of the most isolated countries on Earth, the DPRK. We encountered a friendly Chinese military ambush, passed police checkpoints, got acquainted with many friendly Chinese locals, and learned a great deal about an area of the world so few people are acquainted with. The accompanying photos should give you some idea of what we did and saw, and what potential guests accompanying us on our tour would get to experience.

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