Seeing Both Sides: A Journey through Israel and Palestine

Into Palestine, Israel, and Jerusalem

In May 2012, I joined a small group of friends on a trip to Palestine (West bank) and Israel, led by friendly Mike, a teacher, an experienced driver, and a native of Jerusalem. While our itinerary included some of the usual tourist and religious sites, we were more interested in visiting the towns and rural areas around Hebron and the Jordan valley, where we met with Palestinian and Israeli activists, locals, and volunteers working in the West bank, and, of course, Jerusalem, in particular neighbourhoods with a strong Arab presence.
Most of us were familiar with the bondage in which most of the Palestinian people live, but it wasn’t until we experienced it first hand that we understood the absurdity of the situation. And yet, although denied normal life patterns, people in the West bank surprised us with their hopeful attitude and resistance.

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